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Our Commercial Cleaning Services include:

Apartment Turnover Cleaning [click to open/close]

J&B provides apartment turnover cleaning for over 1,500 units on a monthly basis. We understand the demanding requirements placed on residential property managers and owners. Our service is designed to assist by providing high-level cleanings and painting, performed in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We value the importance of a unit’s appearance prior to a tenant or owner move-in and our crew takes pride in leaving it ready for occupancy.

J&B Services include:

  • Apartment Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Trash Removal
  • Pre/Post Move-in Clean up
Churches [click to open/close]

When you need a dedicated church service provider, we are here to help. Whether you have a small church or a large one, we will take good care of your congregation. We have successful long-term relationships with many churches in the DC Metropolitan area. Whether you need services once a week, or if you have day care and school services in your church and you need cleaning more often, you can rely on our ability to provide experienced church maintenance services.

Construction Clean-up [click to open/close]

J&B provides comprehensive construction cleaning services to meet contractor’s needs for the entire project. When it comes to final presentation, we know that image is everything. That’s why J&B offers full-service pre-and post-construction clean up. Our crews understand the need for attention to detail. We focus on delivering quality and value. Our crews utilize the latest commercial cleaning techniques and construction cleaning supplies to meet or exceed your high standards of cleanliness and building appearance.

Full-Service Cleaning
We perform all stages of construction clean up. Our services cover new and renovated residential and commercial projects. We also work on multifamily communities and other facilities. We understand that each project is unique; therefore, our services are custom built to meet your specific needs and timelines.

Construction cleaning services include:

  • Rough Interior Construction Clean Up: The first stage of post-construction cleaning. We remove all debris from the worksite. We also scrape and sweep floors for carpet installation, wash windows and dust all surfaces.

  • Final Interior Construction Clean Up: The last phase of post-construction cleaning. We take care of all the final touches before owners and tenants move in. We vacuum carpets and detail all surfaces and appliances.

  • Exterior Construction Clean Up: We have the labor and tools needed to clean building exteriors and the surrounding areas. We haul away lumber, debris and waste. We also, wash, sweep and more.

Other reasons to use J&B include:

  • Licensed and insured

  • Workers’ comp. coverage for your protection and security.

  • On-site management makes sure our services meet timeliness and expectations.

  • Experience working for LEED®-certified projects. We can use green cleaning products and services.

  • Experienced clean-up crews for projects of all sizes.

Contract Cleaning [click to open/close]

We offer day porter service, nightly office cleaning, and interior as well as exterior cleaning services. We will customize an agreement that is tailored to your needs providing flexibility in frequency and specific services that work best for your property.

Our commercial services are customized to meet and exceed your specific business needs. We are available 7 days per week, both during and after office hours. Regardless of how often you need us, daily/nightly, weekly, or monthly; we will put together the right team to meet your needs. To ensure constant quality, we conduct regular cleaning inspections to ensure you are always satisfied with our services.

Our experienced and highly trained crew are skilled in all areas including lobby, general office areas, hallways, kitchens, restrooms, grounds, parking garages, front entrances, and more. The fully uniformed crew will arrive at your business fully prepared to perform the assigned duties. We provide the tools, equipment and products required.

Servicing: Schools, Churches, Country Clubs, Retail Stores, Offices.

Please submit a quote request today and we will contact you to conduct a walk-through and consultation at the site with you.

Flooring & Carpet Care [click to open/close]

Extend the life and appearance of your carpets with our deep cleaning services. J&B uses a high-pressure system to remove dirt and deep clean with greater heat, pressure and extraction than general methods. The powerful extraction system allows carpet to dry within hours, not days.

Vinyl or Linoleum Floor Cleaning, Stripping & Waxing
Vinyl composite tile (VCT) and linoleum cleaning process starts with the appropriate wax stripper. It soaks in and begins to remove build up. We then clean the floor thoroughly using buffing machines or we use steam cleaning. Once the floor is stripped and well cleaned, we apply new wax. J&B professionals will then apply the correct coats of wax, one coat at a time. Then the floor is buffed using a high-speed machine for a glossy, smooth look.

We offer specific waxes as needed. Static free wax is available for computer rooms. Harder waxes are available for areas that tend to get scuffmarks and high traffic wear. As always, we will give you care instructions on how best to maintain your floor on the regular basis.

Hotel Housekeeping [click to open/close]

The appearance of your property is important, both to you and your guests. That’s why you need a housekeeping team that treats your property with care and respect.

J&B provides services to some of the leading hotels in the DC metropolitan area. Our goal is to become part of your hospitality team, assuring that your property is well cleaned and maintained. Whether you have short term needs to fill temporary hotel maid vacancies, or if you need an experienced team to handle all of your hotel cleaning needs, we are here to help.

All members of our hotel cleaning services team are professionally trained to insure high quality results. Whether you need front of house or behind the scenes support, J&B is your trusted partner. Our housekeeping and janitorial professionals will ensure that all areas of your property will pass any inspection.

Hotel staffing services include:

  • Houseman

  • Room cleaning and turn-down services

  • Public Area Attendants

  • Stewards

  • Banquet

  • Laundry

Let us develop a customized hotel services plan for your property based on your unique needs.

Multi-family Residential [click to open/close]

J&B understands the demanding requirements placed on residential community managers and owners. We are here to serve your needs. We provide all aspects of residential services including:

  • Common Area Cleaning

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Apartment Turnover Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Floor Care

  • Green Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing

  • Construction and final move-in cleaning

Our commitment to property managers, maintenance crews and owners is to provide consistent communication, personalized attention and flexible service. We can respond to last minute calls and changes in service changes quickly. Contact us today for the most cost effective rates & the highest quality of work.

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