Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Businesses in Fairfax are increasingly investing in carpets. However, commercial carpets demand special attention as they endure more abuse than residential carpets.

Cleaning your commercial carpet improves its appearance and your office’s look, making a superior impression to your customers, visitors, and employees. Also, a well-maintained carpet has a longer lifespan and helps maintain excellent levels of office air quality, keeping away odors and respiratory issues.

Cleaning a commercial carpet by yourself means you’ll need to sacrifice some business hours or even spend more money on renting potentially low-quality cleaning equipment.

You also don’t want to work with commercial carpet cleaning companies that overpromise and under-deliver. Let J&B Cleaning Services put a rest to these hassles.

We are a team of trained, experienced, and motivated carpet cleaners committed to offering among the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Fairfax VA.

Count on us to preserve the allure and durability of your office carpet with our top-quality, environmentally friendly products and innovative equipment, all topped with well-trained and experienced cleaning specialists. Our tested carpet cleaning processes guarantee outstanding results.

Custom and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services

At J&B, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all office carpet cleaning packages. We look into your unique needs and budget, offering you custom yet flexible packages, so we deliver to your optimal satisfaction.

You may opt for an annual deep clean or regular maintenance. Regardless of your choice of package, we are committed to keeping your office carpet brilliant and inviting throughout the year.

Our tested commercial carpet cleaning process comprises the following steps:

  • Deep Vacuum: Aimed at removing loose dirt particles and sand/gravel. It fluffs the carpet to loosen the dirt deep down the fibers.
  • Machine agitation: Spreads the cleaning solution uniformly over the carpet fibers. Agitation also reduces the reaction time for the cleaning agent(s).
  • Hot water extraction: Hot water is injected into the carpet at high pressure to remove the grime, dirt, and soil.

Why J&B for Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned the ins and outs of commercial and residential cleaning services.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we understand that commercial carpets are made of fabrics that require the use of state of the art equipment. Modern cleaning machines and processes guarantee a maximum drying time of two hours. This means that your business can continue operating with zero to minimal disruption.

We also understand that cleaning synthetic carpets with traditional chemicals is a sure recipe for health issues due to the presence of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Consequently, we use eco-conscious carpet cleaning products and methods that will not only refresh your carpet but also enhance the safety of your indoor environs.

With the above in mind, our goal is to maintain a uniform appearance for your carpet, remove stains, minimize wears and tears, and elongate the lifespan of your office carpet.

Our cleaning specialists are trained to the industry standards, meaning you partner with a team that knows what they are doing and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. And for your peace of mind, our cleaners are insured, so you don’t have to worry over unforeseen liability.

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