Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

A well-maintained floor makes a good impression on people entering a business premise, besides providing a safe and healthy environment to the building occupants.

The fact that floors in commercial areas see relatively heavy traffic presents a unique cleaning challenge. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your office floor will quickly accumulate dirt, stain, and taint your business imagery.

It, therefore, makes sense for businesses to enlist the help of competent commercial floor cleaning companies to earn customer trust, keep their staff in a healthy environment, preserve the floor’s durability.

For top-notch floor cleaning services in Fairfax VA, look no further; J&B has got you covered.

As experts in cleaning commercial floors, we take pride in our innovative cleaning technologies, environmentally safe cleaning products, and efficient processes. This has seen businesses we’ve served regain their lost impression, instill confidence in their customers, and offer some of the best working environs in Fairfax.

J&B offers you expert cleaning specialists trained and committed to delivering maximum satisfaction to our clients. They are insured and bonded, so we provide you with risk-free floor cleaning services.

Types of Floors We Clean

There are several types of commercial floors, with each type requiring special cleaning processes and products to maintain its optimal appearance. With our custom packages, count on us to deliver to your needs and budget regardless of your floor types.

The following are some of the floor types we clean:

  • Sheet and Luxury Vinyl
  • Laminate and wood floors
  • Marble and granite
  • Ceramic and porcelain

If your floor type does not feature in the above list, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do it. We have the expertise to use the right cleaning products, techniques, and equipment for virtually all commercial floors in Fairfax, Virginia. You’ll only need to send us a quick quote form, and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique needs.

What Constitutes Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services?
Commercial floor care in Fairfax comprises a variety and levels of services. Most importantly, you’ll want to hire experts that know and are passionate about what they do.

At J&B, we offer day-to-day cleaning, deep clean, and polishing services.

Our day-to-day commercial floor cleaning services are geared to keep floors sparkling throughout the day. We use equipment such as microfiber mop pads and vacuum cleaners to eliminate grime and dirt from your floors, creating an inviting environment that resonates with the positive moods of your clients and customers.

If you are struggling with stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt, our deep cleaning services could be the right solution for you. We offer this package once or twice a year, using industry-approved products and equipment to ensure your floor regains its allure.

Our refinishing services are an excellent choice for clients looking to reinvent their floor appearance without facing the trouble and the cost of installing new flooring.

In refinishing, we strip the external damaged floor surface and clean thoroughly before applying a refinishing treatment. We finalize this procedure with the application of a protective treatment to safeguard the new surface against damage and maintain the upgraded look.

Schedule a Free Consultation
Leave the hassles of commercial floor care to the experts like J&B, so you focus on business operations that will drive more sales for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation with our commercial floor cleaning experts, call us at (703) 273-6464 or fill in this online form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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