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  • 5 star review  JB Cleaning Services has done an excellent job of maintaining my hotel. They provide excellent hotel cleaning services and were able to provide housekeepers when I needed them most. I will continue to use them from here on out. Even my customers give me good feedback from their cleaning services.

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Fairfax VA Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is critical for optimum staff productivity and customer impressions in any commercial building, be it government facility, hospital, schools, warehouse, or any other business. And listing the help of reliable commercial janitorial services in Fairfax VA could mean the difference between offering a conducive working and business environment and losing your clients and esteemed employees to your competitors. This where J&B comes in.

At J&B, our goal is to help Fairfax businesses maintain a productive environment by offering leading janitorial services in the county.

Custom Janitorial Services

J&B is a locally owned and operated business that understands the individual janitorial needs of several industries in Virginia. We offer custom services tailored to these unique needs while keeping the costs affordable to our clients.

Our team of janitorial experts will collaborate with you to develop a favorable schedule geared to address the cleaning and disinfection needs of your facility in a way that exceeds your expectations. Our approach has got your budget limits covered, whether you need some general cleaning, in-depth cleaning, or daily/weekly services.

Experienced, Dependable Janitorial Staff

You need cleaning specialists that you can trust and comfortably give full access to your office spaces. For this reason, we conduct comprehensive background checks on our janitorial staff during recruitment to ensure we give you trustable and reliable experts. This way, we minimize security concerns and also provide a friendly working environment for our team and clients.

Our janitorial specialists are trained and knowledgeable in all cleaning aspects. You’ll work with a team that cares about not only what your customers see but also feels. They know the chemicals and processes to employ when taking care of different surfaces while observing OSHA standards for commercial setups.

Approved Janitorial Cleaning Equipment and Products

Having trained, experienced, and trusted cleaning specialists is only half the equation when it comes to commercial janitorial services in Fairfax VA. The use of state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products completes the equation. But we also take great care of our equipment to ensure they operate efficiently, saving time and money for our customers.

It’s not about using any cleaning chemicals. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment by using cleaning products that are safe for your business environment, employees, and customers. We also focus on the product’s effectiveness, so we minimize product usage and cleaning time. This goes a long way to save costs.

Augmenting our expertise, safe products, and innovative cleaning technologies are proven cleaning processes. Turn to us for cleaning procedures that will leave the exteriors and interiors of your commercial premise looking great, free of contaminants, and ready for business

Accountability at its Best

Competent janitorial companies in Fairfax VA don’t just offer commercial cleaning services. Speaking of our services, we also conduct post-cleaning inspections, so you get optimum value for your cleaning budget.

The inspection involves a walk-through of the business premise, paying close attention to the windows, floors, bathrooms, and other sensitive spaces in the facility. We give an honest report grounded on our findings and correct any cleanliness anomaly.

Experience the J&B Janitorial Clean Difference

J&B is here to refine your company’s approach to cleanliness and ensure your facilities look fantastic and are healthy for your customers and staff.

To learn more about our commercial janitorial services in Fairfax VA, or schedule a consultation with our experts, please give us a call at (703)-273-6464 or fill in our online form. We are excited to partner with you towards a healthy business environment.



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