Green Cleaning Services

J&B understands the advantages of using eco-friendly products for cleaning services. Our line of “green” products helps ensure we’re protecting the environment. We have eco-friendly paper products as well as cleaning solutions. Green cleaning programs promote health, safety and social consciousness. Processes focus on improving indoor air quality, recycling and minimizing the use of raw materials and toxic products that require disposal.

We combine environmentally friendly cleaning products, equipment, processes and training to provide clients with a clean, healthy and productive environment.

J&B proudly offers a comprehensive line of Daycon Green Seal™ Certified chemicals including:

Neutral Cleaner
A neutral, synthetic detergent that removes oil, grease, food, beverages, and other soils from finished floor surfaces. Will not dull, harm, soften or discolor the floor finish. Safe on unfinished marble, slate and sealed wood.

All-Purpose Oxgenated Cleaner
The smarter way to clean glass, floors, plastic, chrome, and more. Brightens tile and grout.

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner
A solvent-free formula that works on glass, plexiglas®, Lexan®, mirror, metal and other shiny surfaces.

Floor Finish & Stripper
A durable, scratch-resistant floor finish that can be dry burnished. It is zinc and APE free. Low VOC’s. Safe on Terrazzo, vinyl and V.C.T.

Restroom Cleaners
A mild acid, restroom cleaner that removes lime, soap scum, grease and rust. Use on tub tile, shower stalls, glass shower doors, fixtures, toilets, urinals and grout. This non-corrosive, non-fuming formula is safer to use.

Carpet Cleaning Formula
Use for extracting, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, and spotting. Highly effective on oily types of soil.

Degreaser & Emulsifier
Heavy duty formula emulsifies oil and grease. Designed for difficult-to-clean areas such as trashrooms, kitchens, garages, warehouses and more.

Foaming & Lotion Hand Soaps
These GS-41 compliant hand soaps contain a blend of mild cosmetic cleaning agents and skin conditioners. They contain no alkali and are effective in hard water. Each has a honey-almond fragrance and forms a dense lather, yet rinses freely and completely. Readily biodegradable.

Green Cleaning
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