The cleaning checklist is very helpful in companies dedicated to order and cleanliness in hotels, offices, schools, churches, building carpets, multifamily residences, commercial floors, and more. JB Cleaning is one of the companies that has trained personnel to leave various environments clean and spotless, requiring their services.

Having a cleaning schedule for cleaners is essential to know when to carry out their activities in the assigned environments. This is where the deep cleaning checklist is needed to record and document the cleaned areas. Likewise, it allows you to specify which tools to use or which ones are essential for proper cleaning.

What are cleaning checklists?

Commercial cleaning companies or businesses manage cleaning lists, also known as cleaning checklists, a tool that allows organizing and listing specific tasks to keep a particular space clean. 

The commercial and residential cleaning checklist includes a variety of elements, such as spaces to tidy and clean, necessary equipment and tools, cleaning frequency, and all activities that need to be completed.

Regardless of the format used by companies because checklists can be customized, printed, or digital, they all have the same objective. Keeping the templates updated will allow for a clear record of the activities done during the workday, facilitating supervision, and ensuring successful tracking.

The importance of cleaning checklists

Even though it might seem like a simple form with checkboxes to tick off, cleaning checklists are important to ensure that all offices or assigned spaces have been thoroughly cleaned and how often. Additionally, they help meet the standards set by the commercial cleaning company.

The tool is used in various environments such as offices, multifamily residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, carpets, and even during commercial ceiling cleaning and other areas, with the aim of disinfecting to improve the health and safety of people.

These are some reasons why the deep cleaning checklist is considered important by all hygiene and organization experts.

  • Continuity: the tool helps ensure that the same tasks are performed again within the established timeframe; furthermore, specialized staff will ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and order.
  • Completion: the checklist ensures that no task is left undone, such as cleaning commercial windows, floors, ceilings, furniture, and more. There will be no oversights because each activity will be detailed and marked as completed.
  • Organization: having a planned schedule of activities will make the workday more manageable for professionals because they will have a cleaning schedule dedicated solely to the cleaning team, which is not shared with another work team. This step will help distribute tasks fairly.
  • Monitoring: by maintaining a clear record of the activities performed, commercial cleaning companies can conduct proper supervision and tracking of task progress. This enables greater control over different environments because not all places have the same areas to clean.
  • Efficiency: Having a predetermined list of tasks to be performed will optimize time and resources by eliminating assumptions about which areas need cleaning and in what order to do it.

Types of cleaning checklists

Creating and keeping updated a tool like this, which allows supervising cleaning activities, can be challenging, but when objectives are clear and specific areas are identified for cleaning, it becomes much simpler. Below, we outline the types of cleaning checklists, classified by categories.

Cleaning frequency

It allows establishing a cleaning schedule, which will depend on the frequency of tasks, which can be daily, weekly, monthly, and even seasonal.

  • Daily: Perfect for high-priority areas such as restaurants and kitchens. Among the main tasks to be performed are cleaning, sweeping, and disinfecting high-touch areas.
  • Weekly: Suitable for medium and large spaces. Typically, in a weekly cleaning service, tasks include cleaning windows, curtains, appliances, etc.
  • Monthly: Used for comprehensive cleaning, involving tasks such as vacuuming carpets and other activities in spaces that do not require constant cleaning.

Scope-based cleaning

This template captures the various activities performed by the cleaning expert during their workday. Additionally, their signature is required to document that they have been responsible for certain tasks.

  • Cleaning signature sheet: It’s the evaluation form to ensure detailed completion of activities. It’s not just about verification and tracking, but about providing the details of their tasks. Each specification will be validated with the employee’s signature.
  • Rotation sheet: This will be very helpful for the staff to be aware of the activities to be carried out and to review the responsibilities for each shift.
  • Cleaning inspection: It will ensure that established cleaning standards are maintained. Some of these points cover thorough cleaning in spaces and surfaces, to paying attention to simple areas, but always delivering impeccable service.
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Area-specific checklists

Depending on the format used by the company regarding the checklist. Additionally, the staff who are knowledgeable about how to professionally clean a house, a building, offices, or a hotel, will have to mark off which area they have cleaned.

  • Kitchen: In this section, the cleaning expert will specify whether they have cleaned the floor, sinks, appliances, and more.
  • Bathrooms: Detail the tasks performed in this area, as well as any items that have been replaced or changed. Cleaning of surfaces, sweeping, or vacuuming.
  • Room: When it comes to hotel room cleaning services, the professional team will have to specify if the room is occupied and when the cleaning was done; that is, mark: check-in, occupied, and check-out.

How to create an efficient cleaning checklist?

To create a cleaning checklist for offices and residential areas, it’s necessary to consider various aspects, such as all important tasks, because only then can easy tracking be ensured. Additionally, you’ll have an effective tool that guarantees thorough and consistent cleaning in all areas.

Identify the areas to clean

Create a detailed inventory of all the areas and items that require cleaning in the space, including floors, surfaces, furniture, fixtures, equipment, fittings, etc. Remember that not all environments have the same objects or spaces.

Identify priority tasks

Similar to the previous point, cleaning an office is not the same as tidying a hotel room. Therefore, it’s necessary to determine which tasks are the most critical and important in each area and prioritize them based on their cleaning frequency.

Divide the list by zones

To have the areas to clean well organized, it’s recommended to create a section in the checklist by zones with the aim of facilitating activities for the team and maintaining proper tracking; meaning, the staff will know where to start, while the supervisor will also know where to conduct the evaluation.

Add important notes

To ensure the safety of the staff, it’s preferable to add an essential note mentioning any warnings regarding certain tools or products. Additionally, include the estimated time to complete the task, etc.

Clear and readable format

The format provided to each member of your cleaning staff should have the appropriate specifications, important notes, and any other relevant details, presented clearly and hastily. Use bullet points or checkboxes so that the professional can mark the completed tasks.

Customize the checklist

Adjust the checklist according to the needs of your commercial cleaning business, as well as the specific requirements of the space to be cleaned. Consider the size of the environment, the type of surfaces, equipment, tools, and products, in addition to applicable regulations.

Update the checklist

It’s recommended to review the checklist regularly to ensure it includes the appropriate warnings and precautions for each task or tool. Additionally, review the schedule, the cleaning process in each area, and the assignment of areas to the staff.

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Train the staff

Not only about the activities to be carried out or how to act in various circumstances, but also to train your work team on how the cleaning checklist works, what its function is. Above all, the importance of checking off the boxes during their daily work shift.


The cleaning checklist is a fundamental tool for companies dedicated to organization and cleanliness in various settings, from hotels and offices to schools and multi-family residences. It’s essential for organizing and listing the specific tasks needed to keep a particular space clean.

Creating an efficient cleaning checklist involves determining the areas to clean, identifying priority tasks, dividing the list by zones. Adding important notes, using a clear and legible format, customizing the list according to the business needs, updating it regularly, and training staff on its usage. With a well-designed and updated cleaning checklist, complete and consistent cleanliness across all areas can be ensured, contributing to customer satisfaction and business success.

Question and Answer

How do you make a cleaning checklist?

Commercial cleaning companies or businesses, such as JB Cleaning, utilize a checklist, a template that can be customized and provided to staff in either printed or digital format, detailing activities, products, and tools for each task, ensuring proper tracking.

How to evaluate cleanliness in a job?

Maintaining a record of the activities to be carried out during the workday is key to delivering quality service. At JB Cleaning, we are committed to monitoring each task performed by our trained staff. Additionally, we have a checklist that aids in tracking and verifying whether we are truly meeting the cleanliness standards that define us.

How to verify hygiene processes in a cleaning service?

The commercial and residential cleaning checklist allows for tracking completed tasks delegated to a qualified team who are familiar with the policies and standards to deliver offices, rooms, and other spaces that are completely impeccable.

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